Your Freelance Status Page

I’m not available right now.
I will be available again in 6 months.
I’m unavailable because ...

You don’t need to say that ever again! Just share a link to your status page to report your availability.

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Get all the essential tools to keep your availability status up to date and transparent for clients and recruiters.

Manage your Availability

Add all your projects to manage your availability on your status page.

With just the right Details

Set your workload to indicate that you are available part-time. Add a private note for better management.

Clearly Presented

The weekly overview gives clients and recruiters a beautiful overview of your availability timeline.


Integrate your availability status as a freelancer into as many places as possible. We will continuously add more integrations over time.


When you share your link on Social Media, the link preview will show all the essential information about your availability.

Preview images will be individualized soon.


Embed a badge to your website so clients and recruiters can see your freelance availability status right on the spot.

Badges update automatically when you update your availability.

QR Code

Download an share a good old QR Code that contains your


Snippets are small text templates that you can use to quickly respond to the next freelance project requests.

They contain your availability and the link to your status page.


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  • status page

  • Status Badge to embed into your website

  • Snippets for fast text responses

  • QR Code


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